Introducing the newest member of the Phoo-d family: Sarah Jane! She was born on Feburary 25th, weighing a staunch 8lbs 2 oz. (Proof that a vegan diet does not necessarily equal a small baby!)

This darling little red head is the reason for my long absence from this space. The pregnancy was slow and filled with many challenges.


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    Hello! Do you know how sometimes you get behind on returning a phone call or writing a thank you note, and days turn into weeks. Suddenly it is months later and you start to feel that making the call would be more embarrassing than not? Yes? Well please forgive my extended absence from this space. It wasn’t planned. The longer it went on the more I floundered for words to share and felt embarrassed by the passing of time. I have thought of you daily and am still cooking like crazy but the words have been absent. Life with a toddler is busier and more wonderful than I imagined. We have had some good things happen in the last few months and some not so good things. Luckily the good have outweighed the bad and this summer is a vast improvement over the last. One of the good things is learning how to make my own almond milk.




    This March brought about a few big milestones for the Phoo-d family. Our sweet Anna turned 1 year old, marking progress from the sleepless nights and constant feedings of a newborn to the laughing, clapping, crawling (almost walking!) antics of a soon-to-be toddler. March also ushered in the 1 year milestone of changing our lifestyle to follow a vegan and gluten free diet.

    Last April, I shared with you the story of my diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis and my struggle to keep the disease under control during pregnancy and my child bearing years, when medicated options are limited. After much research and soul searching Mr. B and I decided to embrace a vegan and gluten free diet to lower the overall level of inflammation in my body. That decision has changed my life in so many ways.




    Do you ever wish for lunches that require little thought but deliver a lot of flavor? Something quick and light that you can pull together in an extra 10 minutes during the morning and then enjoy for a few days? I’ve talked before about my ongoing struggle with lunches. In brief: I want something good to eat but I don’t want to work for it! Countless healthy salad iterations have followed in my attempt to avoid eating the same lunch for a week straight.




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