Sweet Corn

When it comes to putting up food for the winter so far my favorite storage system has involved wearing a larger pant size. Yet I realize that other methods such as canning and freezing are a bit more accepted (and don’t require marathon gym sessions in the Spring). So for the past few years, I have contemplated canning. This is a feeling much like standing at the edge of a diving board, knowing that sooner or later you’re going to have to jump because the kids behind you are starting line up and get annoyed. You shuffle your toes back and forth on the edge of the board and decide to give it a tentative bounce- just enough to see if it works but not enough to go anywhere.

When I saw this recipe for maque choux over at Going Country (the blog of Slippery Slope fame), I decided it was the perfect way to bounce the board. Now, wait a minute you say- there is no canning involved in this recipe. None at all! Yes, I know, but the recipe does put up food for the winter and it does use seasonal produce so it is approaching canning, right? Oh for goodness sake, “Jump already!” Umm…maybe next year.

Making Maque Choux

If you are looking for a way to savor an abundance of corn and peppers when the winter nights are dark and deep, maque choux is a great way to do it. Simmering corn, tomatoes, peppers, and onions in a spicy buttery broth is a very good idea. Pronounced “mock shoe” maque choux is a traditional Louisiana side dish that freezes beautifully and can be pulled out months later to accompany mashed potatoes, chicken, or a winter roast.

Making Maque Choux

For the recipe, I’m going to send you over to Kirstin’s place where she also shares a brilliant way to remove corn from the cob without making a gigantic mess of your kitchen. As corn milk dripped down my face I was wishing I had followed her advice!

Maque Choux Recipe

P.S. The name maque choux totally reminds me of a corny (sorry) scene from the movie Robin hood Men in Tights which goes like this: Robin- “This is my friend Ahchoo.” Little John- “God bless you.” Ahchoo- “That’s my name man!”

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