The last 7 months have been interesting to say the least- not only does pregnancy make your body feel like it is no longer your own, but it also requires foregoing many of my favorite things. Espresso, green tea, alcohol, sushi, downhill skiing, hunting, jeans that fit; the list goes on and on. Yet, on the upside, having these limitations has introduced me to a whole new category of beverages which I previously overlooked.

Refusing to be content with water for 10+ months, I have made it my mission to seek out non-alcoholic beverages that actually pair well with food. This has not been an easy quest. The overwhelming majority of non-alcoholic beverages have a sweetness level similar to soda pop or juice boxes- ugh. A liquid pile of sugar does not compliment roast turkey, or herb rubbed roast beef. Then, a long road trip to IKEA, introduced me to Sparkling Lingonberry Apple Juice.

Bubbly, tart, with a blush of fruit and only a hint of apple it was an eye-opening find. I turned to Mr. B and exclaimed, “This tastes like a sparkling rosé!” It was the closest thing to a semi-dry wine that I had tasted in months. Paired with food, the sparkling lingonberry apple juice continued to impress. A dry acidity helped cut through rich foods while the lingonberry fruit (a relative of the cranberry) added a tart sweetness to balance the savory elements of each bite. If you have any pregnant or non-alcohol drinking guests this holiday season, sparkling lingonberry apple juice would be the perfect drink to have at the ready.

I found my bottle at IKEA, but they can also be purchased at Whole Foods, Kmart, or online for less than $5.00 a bottle. Kids may prefer a sparkling apple cider, but any soda pop averse adults will thank you for having a drink they can enjoy with food!

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