Sometimes Valentine’s Day calls for a little extra sweetness at the end of the evening. Nothing caps off a special meal quite like a dessert wine or aperitif. It can be the closing note to a symphony of flavors that pushes you over the top into a state of total food and wine bliss. Best savored slowly in the company of someone you love, dessert wines beg for languid conversation and dim lighting.

When Mr. B heard that I was making a coconut creme brulee, he immediately started to look for a Sauternes wine to accompany the dessert. This half bottle of 1997 Château Rieussec Sauternes fit the meal beautifully. Grown in a centuries old estate, now run by the Lafite-Rothschild family, the Sauternes concentrates a deep history of wine making into a bottle of golden liquid. A nose of orange and floral notes gives way to a subtle oak background. The wine is voluptuous and rich across the palate, finishing with a slight tropical acidity. It is an excellent counterpoint to a creamy coconut creme brulee. The flavors play together well, enhancing the nutty characteristics of the wine and the floral notes of the dessert. If you are looking for a memorable way to end a romantic meal, a dessert wine is guaranteed to sweeten up the evening!

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