One Baby: two months, 13.6 lbs and 23 1/2″. A full night’s sleep? Priceless.

We rounded the two month mark this week and are going strong. Anna is growing quickly and amazing me each day with the rapid development babies experience in the first year. She can see color, recognize faces, and best of all has started granting big loose lipped smiles to those who come into her view. Sleep is coming more readily, with wonderfully long 6-8 hour stretches at night. I feel human again.

It is still quite challenging to get anything accomplished during the day (thus my sparse blog posts of late) but with Spring in full bloom it is impossible to feel anything but happy. This Mother’s Day will be my first and after the past two months I appreciate my mother like never before. To all of the moms out there- I am in awe of you. There is no “off”, no “break” just constant responsibility for another human being every waking (and sleeping!) moment of the day. Motherhood is a marathon of heroic proportions. A card and flowers are a drop of water compared to the ocean of thanks you truly deserve.

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