After 100 days of living without furniture, television, and extra socks we are finally moving back into our house. I am up to my elbows in boxes, unpacking around nap times and trying to get everything back in order after a long absence.

I could write a post mortem, about how this was one of the longest durations for a flood in US history creating over $2 billion in damages to levees in multiple states. Or how the flooding was largely caused by screwed up policy guidelines and poor choices on the part of the Army Corps of Engineers. Emails show they knew months in advance that there would be a problem but choose to give the affected public only one week notice with a press release right before a holiday weekend. I could write about the fierce spirit of survival and self sufficiency which neighbors exhibited day after day to save our homes from flood waters. It has been one of the hardest summers of our lives and we are worn out from fighting the battles of the flood.

I am so grateful to have a home to move back into- one that does not require massive repairs and mitigation. Photos and stories of homes in our community which are now growing mold and are filled with the stench of river mud make me heartsick. Never again will I look at flooding on the news with the same eyes. Thank you for sharing the journey through the flood with us this summer. I cannot wait to find “normal” again with new recipes, photos, and stories. A few more boxes to go and I will be back!

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