Introducing the newest member of the Phoo-d family: Sarah Jane! She was born on Feburary 25th, weighing a staunch 8lbs 2 oz. (Proof that a vegan diet does not necessarily equal a small baby!)

This darling little red head is the reason for my long absence from this space. The pregnancy was slow and filled with many challenges. Months of nausea, early contractions, prolonged arthritis flares, and chasing after an active toddler meant that any extra minutes found me flat on the couch rather than in the kitchen or online. Yet the results are well worth the long journey and we are thrilled to have another healthy daughter in our family.

Anna turned two years old just four days after Sarah was born and is delighted to be a big sister. She is keeping me running (literally at times) and has exploded with curiosity and a desire to understand everything around her. Life is very full with these two!

I am working my way back into the kitchen, finding new routines and relying on old favorites to get through the initial sleep deprived months of life with a newborn. We are still sticking to a strict vegan and gluten-free diet (with the exception of occasional fresh fish) in an attempt to lower my arthritis pain. I hope to be back here with new recipes very soon. If you would like a peek at what I’m experimenting with in the process, you can find me on Pinterest. Love and peace to all of you. I can’t wait to be back soon!

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