First off, a big thank you to everyone who left comments and words of encouragement. It meant a lot to know that you were sending positive thoughts our direction during the past two weeks.

Where to start? We are all safe and our belongings are stowed in 4 different locations out of the flood zone. I packed and moved our entire house in less than 6 hours while Mr. B was outside building a 6′ high x 130′ long sand bag wall. It was in a word- insane.


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We are in the middle of building a sandbag levee, evacuating our house, and trying to move out everything in 24 hours. The Missouri river is flooding our house and they expect the water to remain high all summer. We live far outside of the 100 year flood plain and never thought this could happen to us. My parents who live nearby are in the same situation. It is too horrible for words. I will post an update once we get through this craziness and come out the other side. Please keep everyone along the Missouri in your thoughts and prayers.


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The annual start of the local Farmer’s Market is a source of much anticipation and excitement in our house. By the time late May rolls around it feels like an eternity since I last tasted freshly grown lettuce or experienced the joy of a ripe tomato. While I’m still waiting for the tomatoes, our market has an abundance of cold weather greens and lettuces.




When new leaves appear on Cottonwood trees the underside of each leaf is a bright silvery green. Watching the leaves shake in the wind makes me wish I could capture the color and motion and turn it into a chandelier!


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